Pop Trio

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Pop Trio

Special 1980's Honda CG125

Trio of Honda CG125 based motorcycles; BLACK!; ROCK! & PUNK!

Artist Richard Hamilton wrote to the Smithsons in January

“Pop Art is: Popular, Low Cost, Transient, Expendable, Mass Produced,
Young, Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky, Glamourous & Big Business.”

We love this accurate synopsis and understand that the presentation of
ordinary objects as works of art should be tackled that way, there our
cheeky execution

As far as the bikes specs; the idea was to make them as light & simple as
possible shaving & getting rid off all the unnecessary bits, also
trying to get them as close as possible to the 80's BMX craze that so
influential in our childhood.

About the creative process we must thank artists, JMKL's design & Lanas Paint
Shop for the perfect reproduction of the desired combinations. Without
their constant dedication this project wouldn't have been the same.

(3x) 1980"s Honda CG 125
Refreshened motors & carburetors
Continental Twinduro 18x 3'25 & 3'50 front & rear tires
All new seals, hoses & cables
All nuts & bolts were replaced for stainless units.
BMX handlebars
BMX NOS grips
Bates front fender as rear unit
LED tail light
NOS front headlight
Vintage peanut gas tank
Invisible wiring & horn
Posh switches
Looky brake & clutch controls
Shortened subframe with wheelie bike sissy bar.
Air box & battery eliminated.
Custom cowhide banana seat
Custom stainless pipe & silencer
Uni Performance Filter
Transparent spark plug wires
House of Kolor neon paints

EL Solitario Motorcycles are powered by MOTUL

Pop Trio
Pop Trio
Pop Trio
Pop Trio
Pop Trio
Pop Trio
Pop Trio
Pop Trio