El Solitario motorcycles are not intended to seek for beauty, content or practicality, as these are attributes that dominate today’s spectrum and therefore do not interest us. Our machines are mere autobiographical exercises that depict an instant capture of the vital journey in which we are immersed in, as we strive to reveal the essence of the motorized two wheeled artifact. We seek for those attributes that make a bike stand out in contemporary society’s imaginary & not on the open roads.


We're known for preferring to ride & build vintage engineered iron over modern solutions, as we feel more comfortable around them, but we also enjoy the thrill of a challenge, so most bikes could be a good starter for a Solitario Special. If asked to define our style in just four words, we would say Eclectic, One-Of-A-Kind, Bold and Anthropomorphic. Each Solitario Special, is the product of our our experiences & influences and it will never be repeated. Nature's own engineering is what inspires  us most and thus we try to emulate in our garage. We adore patina and respect rust or debris when it doesn't affect performance. We believe that character is more appealing than metrics, so that is what we search for in our exercises. We want to make a big difference by the use traditional craftsmanship and a obsessive care for small details.