El Solitario Short Poncho Beige

180,00 €

100% High quality lambswool poncho, extra fine and light, with hand-rolled fringes.

Our ponchos are handmade using only 100% natural wool crafted in a small family factory which still uses water driven machinery, in the Sierra of Cadiz. Here it´s known to be the point in Spain where it rains the most, making sure that their wool arrives clean and intact to the factories, not needing excessive temperature washes or chemical treatments.

Spain and specially the Sierra of Cadiz, was for centuries the place to be if you wanted to find the best available wools in the old continent, however, during the 1870s these towns witnessed a rapid decline which took them to the verge of disappearance due to the effects of the "improved" industrial manufacturing techniques and a massive shift on efficiency driven patterns. Sounds familiar?

Fortunately enough and thanks only to the perseverance of some families through the years, the merino breed itself did not disappear and they are once again producing the same high quality wool products as they once did.

Size: 1,40mx1,20m

* Color may differ slightly from photos

* Leather straps NOT included

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El Solitario Short Poncho
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El Solitario Short Poncho
El Solitario Short Poncho
El Solitario Short Poncho
El Solitario Short Poncho

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