For this edition of Wheels and Waves, the wolves at El Solitario have teamed up with artist Nicholas Coleman to invigorate our Hungry Wolf Insignia in its 5th Anniversary.
The artist will join us at the Art Ride Exhibition that will take place on the Thursday June 9th during the celebration of Wheels and Waves Art Ride III in Pasaia.

Nicholas Coleman was born in Provo, Utah. Brought up in an artistic environment, Coleman has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember. He has traveled extensively through North America, Africa, and Europe and New Zealand and found much of his inspiration in his travels, hunting and fishing along the way. Coleman uses a traditional academic approach in his painting, using gouache and oil. His work endeavors to create a connection between his paintings and the observer by invoking a mood that the viewer can walk into.

Art by Nicholas Coleman
Film by Daniel Bryson
Music by Ok Ikumi


  1. Any chance of a run of limited edition prints being made available either direct from the artist or from y’all ? Suffice it to say … me likes .. this’d fit with our other art work perfectly . And hell … if anyone in this world is the epitome of a Lone Wolf …….

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