For once and for all, we’ll try to explain what is going on with our most erratic creature so far. Those that usually read these words, will acknowledge that the deviance and confusion surrounding our Yamaha Yard Built XJR1300 has been parallel to none, even to our usual standards. Five names, countless course changes and a sinister scent already emanating from the silence of the unspoken words.

As you might know, El Solitario Ethos is to take no compromises and never settle inside our comfort zone. We enjoy breaking the rules, <<<< fuck yes! >>>> but to break the rules you need to know them beforehand, otherwise you might tragically face defeat,  and we are not crazy nor suicidals! Also didn’t  help the shadow of El Solitario Impostor, still fresh,  burning in our heads with its strength and solemness. This savage metal ghost bike, far from comforting us , (like if it had an artificial intelligence of some sort?) dedicates its leisure time to sending coded lines of stage fright straight to the cortex of our crew: Lets see how you improve me, you languid chickens!?!?!?!  


For months we’ve been trying to answer the same questions. How could we improve Impostor? Or even more accurately: How could we take things further? The lack of  correct answers drifted us to a preposterous and absurd state. For some time we even thought that destroying Impostor, erasing it from the surface of the earth, could be a good way to move forward and find a good drive. Oh poor Wolf was going to die… HAHAHAHAHHAHAJAHAJHAK!@#$


But time pressure and its inherent strength came to the rescue as it usually does. Armies need deadlines! Time & that very same Ethos that drives El Solitario, were going to save us again from ourselves and our terror stricken minds.  Ground Zero would be to ask the correct questions. Asking what scared us the most, sounded like a killer start! Ummm… Performance!@#$ >>>> Technology!!!!  >>>> An unknown and expensive path for us… Suddenly aversion turned into curiosity … We had it! … That was it!@# … But how were we going to make it happen? We knew nothing about technology… We are motorcycle poets not engineers. By then it didn’t matter. Once you clear the path, in this obstinate house, the stars just seem to miraculously align.


Apparently the days got longer and the idea, the amorphous, of our next bike started taking shape. Countless hours of research, and the love of our friends, made it possible to find the best partners in the world of FAAAST bikes and with them, hand by hand, we have been developing, obscurely, for the last three months one of the gnarliest muscle bikes ever to be seen on recent years.


The entrance in the project of Mauro Abadini from Classic Co. as technical director of this adventure was providential and brought in the confidence and know how of a veteran racer, winner of many battles, not without scars, and always onboard big boy toys. Then surprisingly we encountered an army of racing industry tough guys, we will soon disclose, supporting and coaching along us in this crazy journey which will leave no one behind and you have my wolf word for that.


El Solitario Big Bad Wolf, or BBW as we affectionally know him around here, will race in Glemseck 101 next September




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