This 2003 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200R will be ESMC’s next victim. The original bike was a mint example with only 12k on the clock. Named Malo/Bueno, she will incarnate the paradoxical duality present in human nature, but minding the gap between  two of its most distinct types;

The Buenos/MalosGood/Bads – those snakes hiding under a sheepskin, seem good people at first but prove themselves evil in the long run. These kind are the most dangerous and unreliable human beings you might come across and they’re not welcome around here. The Malos/BuenosBad/Goods – on the other hand, are those that although looking fierce from a safe distance, turn into sweet teddy bears if handled with care.

Our apologetic HD powered beast will be of the second kind – obviously – as for the first we tend to avoid them before they get too close





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