We’ve spent the last two weeks packing, crating, moving, painting, unpacking, cleaning, moving… ¡ ! ∑ ´ ®  † ¥ … till exhaustion. This weekend, could finally chill a bit and invite some friends for beers while our friend Pilon, (www.instagram.com/buenahonda), hand lettered the workshop’s glass doors. Still a lot of work to make it operational but feels good getting closer…











11 thoughts on “ESMC NEW HQ”

  1. Hello guys,
    I like your webside/blog and see you have a new shop now. This month i’m driving from Amsterdam to Malaga
    with my Ducati S2R 1000 special. I will stop in San Sebastian. My question is: is it possible to visit your shop?
    regards, djien injo

    1. You are welcome Sir!!! but we are located on the NW tip of Spain, right on top of Portugal. BEST~!@#$%^

  2. Hey guys, just stumbled over you via EXIF.
    Love your work!
    Can you please furnish me with a physical address so I can send you a copy of our magazine.

    1. Thx for the feedback & the sweet offer!!!
      Please send me an email and Ill shoot you our address
      All our best & keep on speeding

  3. Hi, will any of your bikes be at the Bulldog Bash in the UK this year?
    You guys rule!

    1. Cheers & thx for your support!
      unfortunately we will not be there

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