We have always acknowledged that one man’s trash will always be another man’s treasure, but it is in America were this sentence becomes righter than ever.   We were totally astonished by the level and abundance of improvised salvage yards in the, almost abandoned, mid western roads. In one of these sacrificed landscapes, Vincent even scored the roof racks, he had been long looking for, for his 1962 Ford Falcon!

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  1. So hey guys . The photo essays are great . But how’d you do on the Salt ? And how was this first experience ? Coming back I hope ! Did you manage to track down some of that Polygamy Porter beer and Stranaham;s Colorado sipping whiskey I recommended ? As to how you did … before you answer that a Bonneville Lexicon for you ;

    1) If you make a complete ( round trip ) pass without breaking – spinning – or crashing ….. thats a WIN
    2) If you set a personal best …… thats a RECORD ( albeit a personal record but a record none the less in Bonneville parlance )
    3) If you break the official record for your class …. thats the ICING on the cake

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