We are finally home and want to thank the Southsiders MC family and all of you that made it to Biarritz. We had a blast; rode fiercely on all roads, drank of all bottles & partied till the sun came out! Obviously this combo wasn’t too good for our photography, but there you go with the uncut report of what crossed ElSolitarioMC’s careless lens.

(Missing lots of you characters though but you know who you are!@#$)

Can’t wait to see u all again!!!

Love from the ElSolitarioMC Crew

PS: We will have soon the epic shots by Kristina Fender which surely will be hell’s hot.



  1. Unmissable event. I missed it. I shouldn’t see your pictures but I was waiting for.
    Keep up your work!

  2. dreamy photos Kristina.

    Very happy to hang out with the El Solitario crew in Biarritz.
    – but very glad we did NOT come to your moonshine afterparty,
    as there is no way we would have made it back to England in one piece!

    x BP

    1. Looking fwd to see u soon Ben!
      What a wild international bunch we were!!! united to blaze the basque roads. Epic

  3. The pics is simply a luxury. And Baulaaaa, she is every day , more beautifulll! Congrats .

  4. NO QUIERO VERLAS, NO QUIERO VERLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Pero no puedo dejar de mirarlas y de llorar.
    Un abrazo.

  5. Juer como os lo montais…!!!
    Motos impresionantes y buen rollete, esta claro… Biarritz es el paraiso… ;D
    Por cierto, veo que le metisteis a la Guzzi su primer “viaje”, ¿que tal se portó?
    Un abrazo,

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