Artist Richard Hamilton wrote in a letter to the Smithsons, in January 1957, what we consider the best definition of Pop Art, by simply enumerating all the characteristics present in a Pop work. These read as follows:

“Pop Art is: Popular, Low Cost, Transient, Expendable, Mass Produced, Young, Witty, Sexy, Gimmicky, Glamourous & Big Business.”

We love this accurate synopsis and understand that the presentation of ordinary objects as works of art should be tackled that way, there our execution. Ladies & gents we have the fun to splash the mock ups of our latest & cheekiest adventure: The Pop Cycles!@#$

Introducing: Black, Rock and Punk


Special thanks to ESMC friends and talented folks, JMKL & LANAS for their priceless help materializing this crazy idea. You rule!


9 thoughts on “POP CYCLES BY ESMC”

  1. Pon una seccion con todas tus motocicletas terminadas!!!! como un catalogo …

    un saludo..

  2. Justo de esa tecnica de camo naval nacio la inspiracion inicial!
    aunque luego se cruzo con los patines de finales de los 80.
    Nos gusta que os gusten!!

    1. tenía varias imágenes de esos barcos guardadas, pensaba que algún día las usaría, no sabía ni donde ni como, ahora ya las puedo tirar, imposible mejorar vuestro trabajo, Congrats!

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