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The original Trimotoro was a revolutionary vehicle intended to travel the world with imagination as only fuel. This creature was our main fountain of inspiration, although we decided to stick to gasoline for power. This custom motorcycle stands along Baula on the high end of El Solitario range. A heavily modified special, custom ordered by a very special client, seeking that “something more” you cannot find elsewhere.

But don’t be fooled by the delicate disguise, Trimotoro was designed and built always with performance in mind, placing “big” Guzzis at a stake when aproaching a twisty mountain road.

1985 Guzzi V65

Blueprinted motor
Overhauled gear box, Cardan & brakes
New DellOrto PHB Carburetors with Velocity Stacks
All new electrics, cables, bearings, hoses…
Monza triple trees & swing arm
Akront aluminum 3,5×18′ Rims
Dunlop K81 tires
Magura Solid Aluminum Clip Ons
Kustom Tech levers and throttle body
Handmade Shellac grips
Nappa Leather Seat with vintage leather belts to attach it on the bike
Lumax lights
Bimota aluminum rear sets
Motogadget Chronoclassic on custom alloy bracket
Rear brake pump from a GSXR
Ducati Corse Coils
Silent Hektik Regulator
Antigravity Lithium Battery
Rear Shocks Marzocchi GP Nitro
Front lowered with new internals
Vintage BMW mufflers
Powder coated frame
Simpson fuel petcocks
Monza aluminum gas cap
Crazy garage engraved the aluminum front cover
Custom alloy bodywork, brackets & Oil expansion Chamber
Trimotoro took more than 800 hours & was our biggest nightmare for almost a year. We had to repeat almost every part, more than a couple of times, but in the end it became the house’s favorite motorcycle out of the armada.
The photographs were taken at night inside El Solitario Garage by KT Fender
El Solitario Motorcycles are powered by MOTUL