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El Solitario motorcycles are not intended to seek for beauty, content or practicality, as these are attributes that dominate today’s spectrum and therefore do not interest us. Our machines are mere autobiographical exercises that depict an instant capture of the vital journey in which we are immersed in, as we strive to reveal the essence of the motorized two wheeled artifact. We seek for those attributes that make a bike stand out in contemporary society’s imaginary & not on the open roads. Those qualities, in the old days, easily identifiable in every motorcycle, have today been lost and it is for their recovery & exaltation that we work for. But what are we talking about here? Simple: The traits of speed, traction, power, character, personality, respect, fear, danger… Embracing these attributes, we quest to create an impact on the observer and this does not necessary mean to please their eyes with easy indulgent proposals.

We know a lot more now than when we started this long journey and our motorcycles are getting closer to our ideal. At first we followed the rules as we didn’t know better, but slowly these wild side became present and more & more dominant in our agenda, only limited by the necessity of our art to be rideable, and rideable hard. We do not produce show bikes as we despise that genre, understanding that it is a shame to spend countless hours constructing, a supposedly liberating instrument like a motorcycle is, for the sole purpose of looking at it.

Impostor looks outrageous and killer, but under the cage we have a 100% stock powerful & determined BMW motorcycle that will take its rider to places and situations he/she never dreamt of.
Bike: BMW R-NineT
Body: Custom Stainless Steel Rod
Wheels: Aluminum AAW Custom rims with Metzeler Rubber // 140-21 (Front) 180-16 (Rear)
Front forks: Adjustable BMW S1000RR
Rear Shock: Adjustable BMW S1000RR
Lighting: BMW 4x Long Distance LEDs, Marchal Fog Light, FIA approved rear LED light & Motogadget bar end  blinkers
Controls: ISR
Grips: Motogadget
Silencer: Ducati 999 bashed & chopped 
Double Fillers: RaceFit
Pegs: Chopper Daves
Seat: Custom Leather
El Solitario Impostor Insignia by Valtoron
Tank Art by Tattoo Artist Pepe Caruso 
Photography by Kristina Fender 

You can have a look inside El Solitario & the conception of Impostor in our vimeo channel clicking: https://vimeo.com/elsolitariomc/life

El Solitario Motorcycles are powered by MOTUL