Always been amazed by how a huge social movement, like the Hippie era, could implode in such a way in just a couple of years. It’s simply amazing, how it diverted from its biggest moment (Woodstock?), to its disappearance through internal combustion, (Altamont?), in only a few months interval. It is still a mystery to us.  As a collateral effect to the disease that killed hippies, we can sadly read how after five years of Rock and three million fans, promoter Bill Graham padlocked the Fillmore West. The place where “San Francisco Sound” was born closed on July 5 1971. Of course the good bye, was sweetened with a blaring night which lasted until dawn with performances by Credence Clearwater Revival, The Grateful Dead & Santana among others. Dazed Bill Graham noted that night, how the “old joy” was gone as Rock new Superstars had become “capitalists” killing the community mindedness of the past. It was the end of ingenuity. The dollarization of music had arrived & accompanied the start of the dark and depressed 70’s which, to our content, brought us other kind of musical jewels for our ears.

Bill Graham with his crowd

Jimy boy

Van Morrison

Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Grateful Dead

Aretha & Ray

The Who

Miles Davis


Yesterday on the train from Madrid I came across the sad news. Gil Scott Heron has passed away. He toured this country last year and I missed it, now i regret this. HIV, heroine and many years in prison finally took him away from us. Sad news as this life butcher and human connoisseur, was one of the best poets I’ve ever listened to. RIP.


After listening to this record you can feel that he knew his time was coming…


He was known as “Mike The Bike” because of his natural riding ability. Later in his career he went on to compete in Formula One auto racing, becoming one of the few men to compete at the Grand Prix level on motorcycles and in auto racing. Mike died tragically in 1981, on a stupid car accident onboard his Rover SD1, while shopping for fish & chips, hit by a delinquent truck.

Tim Hetherington. R.I.P.

Tim Hetherington, VICE contributor, died yesterday in the Lybian city of Misrata.
Tim was a photo journalist of the highest caliber and winner of the World Press Photo of the Year in 2007. He was also nominated for an Oscar earlier this year for his work as co-director of Restrepo, a documentary that we think perfectly captures the visceral experience of being a soldier in one of the most dangerous places in Afghanistan, the Korengal Valley.